Welcome to Health Class


In health class students learn that health is a lot more than eating right and exercising.  You will see from the topics listed under each grade level that we cover mental, emotional, social, and physical health, hoping to create overall wellness.

Health 7

Decision Making

·         SMART goal setting

·         Steps to making responsible decisions


·         Self-esteem

·        Stereotypes

  •     Prejudice/Violence

·         Bullying

·         Resolving conflict

·         Abuse

First Aid

·         Basic first aid steps for at home emergencies

·         Hands-only CPR

Health 8

Nutrition and Physical Fitnes

  •   The obesity trend in America
  • Food labels, in particular ingredient lists.
  •  The amount of sugar in the foods we eat
  •  Eating disorders
  • Creating  physical fitness routines that can be done at home.

Media Literacy

  • Online safety
  •  Cyberbullying
  • ·Social Media
  •  Digital Footprint

Stress, Depression, Suicide, and Grief

  •  Importance of sleep
  •  Ways to manage stress
  • The triggers, signs, and treatments for depression/suicide
  •   Stages of grief and how to help