Trailbazer Teachers


NameSorted By Name In Ascending OrderTeamSubjectPhone #EmailRoom #Webpage
Armstrong, BradleyExplorers 6thMathematics/Language and Literature  Portable 01 
Behne, BurkeNavigators 7thStudent Reporting Lab531-299-9013 105WWW
Bobier, CarlaPride 7th and 8thSciences531-299-9012 Portable 08 
Brimmerman, BarbCorps of Discovery 8th ESL531-299-9017 116WWW
Brownfield, SherriePathfinders 7thPhysical and Health Education: Health531-299-8956 214WWW
Compton, LukeCorps of Discovery 8thIndividuals and Societies531-299-8977 213 
Croisant, SuzannePride 7th and 8thIndividuals and Societies531-299-8953 Portable 07WWW
Dailey, ChadPathfinders 7thSpecial Education531-299-9011 200 
Dale, StephanieExplorers 6thSpecial Education  Portable 01 
Davidson, KellyExplorers 6thSciences/Design531-299-8989 Portable 03 
Fox, NaomiPioneers 8thESL  217 
Franson, JaneCorps of Discovery 8thLanguage and Literature: Literature531-299-8996 219WWW
Hanson, RyanPathfinders 7thPhysical and Health Education: PE531-299-8960 GymWWW
Henk, CorbinCorps of Discovery 8thMathematics  211 
Hesson, DebCorps of Discovery 8thLanguage and Literature: Literature531-299-9004 209WWW
Hughes, TylerPathfinders 7thArts: Vocal Music531-299-8949 120 
John, BreannePathfinders 7thPhysical and Health Education: Human Growth and Development531-299-9014 215 
Johnson, SkylerPioneers 8thIndividuals and Societies531-299-8955 201 
Jorgensen, MaggieCorps of Discovery 8thArts: Visual Arts  108 
Kelley, MelissaPioneers 8thArt: Visual Arts531-299-8970 218 
Kisby, KatherineNavigators 7thIndividuals and Societies  106 
Kloppenborg, MarielPride 7th and 8thMathematics531-299-8974 Portable 06WWW
LaFleur, KellyPathfinders 7th Mathematics531-299-8988 103WWW
LaFleur, PhilipPioneers 8thMathematics531-299-8964 202 
Landsness, RachelCorps of Discovery 8thDesign: Family & Consumer Science531-299-8963 124 
Larson, LisaNavigators 7thSciences531-299-8982 208WWW
Leibrandt, Lora Library531-299-8979 LibraryWWW
Leiviska, ValenciaPathfinders 7thPhysical and Health Education: PE531-299-8948 GymWWW
Lostaglia-Hoskovec, AndreaCorps of Discovery 8thSciences531-299-9019 216WWW
Madej, DebCorps of Discovery 8th Language and Literature531-299-9005 212WWW
Medeiros, KenziPathfinders 7thMathematics: Honors Math/ESL Math531-299-8987 101WWW
Mertz, MollyNavigators 7thESL531-299-8966 110 
Mihai, GeorgePioneers 8th Sciences531-299-9001 204 
Mitchell, AmyPioneers 8thLanguage and Literature531-299-9020 203WWW
Moore, CodyExplorers 6thPhysical and Health Education: PE and Health531-299-9008 023/GYM 
Moulton, JulianneCorps of Discovery 8thSpecial Education531-299-8991 200 
Murphy, SaraCorps of Discovery 8thLanguage Acquisition: Spanish 8531-299-8958 113 
Nichols, CourtneyNavigators 7thDesign: Entrepreneurship531-299-9007 219 
Powers, SarahExplorers 6thIndividuals and Societies/Language and Literature  Portable 03 
Primm, JenniferPathfinders 7thESL531-299-8994 117 
Rahn, SadiePathfinders 7thLanguage and Literature531-299-8959 102 
Reckamp, TinaPathfinders 7thSpecial Education: Alternative Curriculum Program531-299-8950 123AWWW
Rinn, MichellePathfinders 7thSciences531-299-8968 206WWW
Rodenburg, ChristopherPride 7th and 8thDesign: Inventions and Innovations531-299-9009 024 
Selk, TheresaPioneers 8thSpecial Education531-299-8952 200WWW
Short, ChristopherExplorers 6thArts: Instrumental Music  121 
Short, SarahCorps of Discovery 8thArt: Instrumental Music531-299-8957 122WWW
Shrago, MelissaPathfinders 7thLanguage and Literature: Honors English Language Arts531-299-8969 107WWW
Sinnett, PaulaPride 7th and 8thLanguage and Literature  Portable 05 
Therkelsen, HeatherNavigators 7thLanguage Acquisition: Spanish 7531-299-8999 112WWW
Tshibengabo, KamanaPathfinders 7thLanguage Acquisition: French 7531-299-8990 114 
Wiig, KateCorps of Discovery 8thArts: Drama531-299-9016 AUD 
Wilkins, CheylNavigators 7thLanguage and Literature531-299-9010 111 
Wing, RobinNavigators 7thSpecial Education531-299-8961 200WWW
Witherell, KeriNavigators 7thMathematics531-299-8986 109WWW