Pioneers General Info

Please contact any of the team staff if there are any questions or concerns.
Our team plan time is 1st Hour from 8:09 AM - 8:52 AM on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays from 8:09 AM - 9:39 AM.
We want EVERY child to be successful. Together we can make that happen.

Team Pioneers


Our Team

Amy MitchellEnglish203
Theresa SelkSpecial Education121
George MihaiSciences204
Philip LaFleurMathematics202
Skyler JohnsonIndividuals and Societies201
Josie McDonnellCounselor 
Matasha JordanDean of Students 


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Pioneer Supply ListTom Robertson 8/15/201730.13 KBDownload