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Reading for Learning, Lounging, and Life

I recommend that everyone read for 30 minutes a day. 

It doesn't matter what you read.  You could read non-fiction, fiction, historical fiction, newspapers, magazines, novels, novelettes, professional materials, joke books, or cartoons.  The important thing is that you read. 

Reading excercises your brain.  It makes you think and interpret the written word--no matter what it is that you are reading. Reading provides opportunites to explore new ideas, new worlds, new concepts.  It can keep you entertained, informed, and knowledgable. 

Visit the library and check out a book, get a newspaper, or subscribe to your favorite magazine.  Fill your world with the joy of reading and open doors to your future.


    Please read these important announcement

 *** Please help your student(s) take care of their new books and supplies.  Book covers are required and help protect the books. My suggestion is a good, old-fashioned paper grocery sack; they are free, thick, and durable. 

Students are responsibile for their own books, as well as the care of those books, from the time they are checked out, until the end of the school year. 

Book Replacement Costs                                        

  • Literature--$60.00
  • Grammar--$40.00
  • Novels--$9.00 each
  • Workbook Replacement--$2.00                   

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