Dr. Tyree SejkoraPrincipal 531-299-9681 
Ms. Lisa TingelhoffData Administrator 531-299-8980View
Mr. Tom RobertsonActivities Director 531-299-8951View
Mr. Burke BehneIB Coordinator/Instructional Facilitator 531-299-2408 
TBADean of Students 531-299-xxxx 


NameTeamSubjectPhone #EmailWebpage
  BSP, Special Education   
Balkovic, CandiceExplorers 6thLanguage and Literature531-299-8535  
Bobier, CarlaPride 7th and 8thSciences531-299-9012  
Brimmerman, BarbCorps of Discovery 8thESL531-299-9017  
Brownfield, SherriePathfinders 7thPhysical and Health Education: Health531-299-8956 View
Compton, LukeCorps of Discovery 8thIndividuals and Societies531-299-8977  
Dailey, ChadPathfinders 7thSpecial Education531-299-9011  
Dale, StephanieExplorers 6thSpecial Education531-299-8565  
Foral, Andrea Language Acquisition: Spanish531-299-8301  
Forster, MalindaCorps of DiscoveryLiterature531-299-5306  
Fox, NaomiPioneers 8thESL531-299-8550  
Franson, JaneCorps of DiscoveryLanguage and Literature: Literature531-299-8996 View
Haggard, Trevor "Dane"PioneersArt531-299-5635 View
Hartmann, Barbara Physical and Health Education: Human Growth and Development531-299-5394  
Henk, CorbinCorps of Discovery 8thMathematics531-299-8547  
Hughes, TylerPathfinders 7thArts: Vocal Music531-299-8949  
Jewett, StephanieNavigators 7thLanguage and Literature   
Johnson, SkylerPioneers 8thIndividuals and Societies531-299-8955  
Jorgensen, MaggieCorps of Discovery 8thArts: Visual Arts531-299-8548 View
Jurgens, AmandaPrideSpecial Education531-299-9197  
Kisby, KatherineNavigators 7thIndividuals and Societies531-299-8544  
Kloppenborg, MarielPride 7th and 8thMathematics531-299-8974 View
LaFleur, KellyPathfinders 7thMathematics531-299-8988 View
LaFleur, Philip Mathematics531-299-8964  
Landsness, RachelCorps of Discovery 8thDesign: Family & Consumer Science531-299-8963  
Larson, LisaNavigators 7thSciences531-299-8982 View
Leiviska, ValenciaPathfinders 7thPhysical and Health Education: PE531-299-8948 View
Russell, DebCorps of Discovery 8thSciences531-299-1084  
Ludlow, Kesa Language Acquisition: Spanish   
Mertz, MollyNavigators 7thESL531-299-8966  
Mihai, BarbNavigators 7thScience531-299-6824  
Mihai, GeorgePioneers 8thSciences531-299-9001  
Mitchell, AmyPioneers 8thLanguage and Literature531-299-9020 View
Moore, Cody Physical and Health Education: PE and Health531-299-9008  
Morales, PabloPathfindersLanguage Acquisition: French531-299-5302  
Moulton, JulianneCorps of Discovery 8thSpecial Education531-299-8991  
Murphy, SaraCorps of Discovery 8thLanguage Acquisition: Spanish 8531-299-8958  
Naeve, Narelle Special Education/ACP531-299-8232  
Nordmeyer, DevonCorps of Discovery 8thLanguage and Literature531-299-5301  
Petersen, Corey Physical and Health Education: PE531-299-6811  
Powers, RichardPioneers 8thIndividuals and Societies531-299-5300  
Powers, SarahExplorers 6thIndividuals and Societies531-299-8546  
Rahn, Sadie Student Reporting Lab531-299-8959  
Ridley, ToniExplorers 6thMathematics   
Rinn, Michelle Sciences: Honors Science531-299-8968 View
Rodenburg, ChristopherPride 7th and 8thDesign: Inventions and Innovations531-299-9009  
Schnabel, Stephanie Library531-299-8567 View
Selk, TheresaPioneers 8thSpecial Education531-299-8952  
Short, Christopher Arts: Instrumental Music531-299-8545  
Short, Sarah Arts: Instrumental Music531-299-8957 View
Shrago, MelissaPathfinders 7thLanguage and Literature: Honors English Language Arts531-299-8969 View
Sinnett, PaulaPride 7th and 8thLanguage and Literature531-299-8549  
Therkelsen, HeatherNavigators 7thLanguage Acquisition: Spanish 7531-299-8999 View
Tietz, NathanPathfinders 7thIndividuals & Societies531-299-8235  
Vacha Albers, SarahCorps of Discovery 8thScience531-299-6518  
Walck, SarahPride 7th and 8thIndividuals & Societies531-299-5297  
Wells, PeytonPathfinders 7thLanguage and Literature531-299-4225  
Wiig, KateCorps of Discovery 8thArts: Drama531-299-9016  
Wing, RobinNavigators 7thSpecial Education531-299-8961  
Winterstein, LindsePioneers 8thMathematics   
Witherell, KeriNavigators 7thMathematics531-299-8986 View
Desilet, Heather Speech Language Pathologist531-299-5478  
Russell, DeborahPathfinders 7thScience   


NamePositionEmailPhone #Webpage
Mrs. Jessica MukherjeeCounselor (531)299-8993View
Mrs. Jenna VailCounselor (531) 299-8995View
Mrs. Erika MardockCounselor (531)299-8992View
Ms. Kim SchenkelbergSchool Social Worker 531-299-5902View
Ms. Christina HowardCommunity Counselor 531-299-2406View


NameSorted By Name In Descending OrderPositionEmailPhone #
TBACustodian Head Engineer  
Officer Gregg WyantSRO 531-299-2407
Ms. Shakura HugginsParternership 4 Kids Director  
Ms. Michelle KehrSecretary to Principal/ Treasurer/ Office Mgr 531-299-9667
Ms. Maria GonzalezInterpreter 531-299-8975
Ms. Diane HowethNurse 531-299-2401
Ms. Deb FeldmanSecretary to Guidance 531-299-9006
Mrs. Karen KnoellSecretary to Asst Principal/Registrar/Attendance 531-299-8978
Mr. Ross StebbinsSecurity  
Mr. Chase BrownComputer Technician 531-299-5289

My name is Kim Schenkelberg and I am the School Social Worker for Lewis and Clark Middle School. I assist students and their families with various needs. Life circumstances have changed for many families due to the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus. Please contact me if you feel I might be of assistance in locating community resources to help with any needs or concerns. It is important to all staff at Lewis and Clark that your child has what they need to be the best student they can be! You can complete this confidential Needs Assessment and I will contact you as soon as possible.  

I also provide support to students during the school year. Students can complete the Request to see the Social Worker and I will send an invite to meet with the student virtually.  

To ensure student and staff safety, please be advised that staff have limited access to messages outside of the school day.  If you need immediate assistance, please contact the Safe Schools Hotline at 531.299.SAFE(7233) or If this is an emergency, go to your nearest emergency room or call 911.  


Click HERE for OPS Food Pantry Information. 

Click HERE for Food Bank Locations by Zip Codes. 

Click HERE for Omaha Food Pantry information.  


Below are a few resources to turn to if you or your child are having a difficult time. 

Safe Schools Hotline or 531.299.SAFE(7233) 

Boys Town National Hotline or 1.800.448.3000 

Nebraska Family Helpline or 1.888.886.8660 

Methodist Emotional Support Line (M-F/8:00 to 4:00 pm) 402.815.TALK(8255) 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or 1.800.273.8225 

Your Life Your Voice or 1.800.448.3000 


For updated community resource information, contact 2-1-1 Or Heartland United Way. The 211 call base center helps connect individuals to the below resources: 

  • utility assistance 

  • rental assistance 

  • food pantries 

  • shelter and housing services 

  • clothing 

  • abuse prevention 

  • behavioral health services 

  • support groups 

  • senior services 

  • transportation 

  • disaster services 

  • government shutdown support 

  • legal services 

  • health care services 

  • family support 

  • financial assistance and education 



Healthy vs. Non Healthy Coping Strategies from  

Mandala Coloring Sheets from 

The Big Coping Skills List from 

50 Ways to Take a Break from 

A List of Coping Skills from YouMeMindBody